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Whether your business is a VSE or a SME, Remunia is committed to guiding you through the management of your compensation practices and your working conditions… in accordance with your budget!

Compensation philosophy

As an organization, what principles would you like to put forward to make it easy to share your decisions? Does your compensation match your organizational values? What specific message would you like to send out to your employees? Remunia will guide you throughout this important reflection using a structured, professional and results-oriented approach.

Salary structure

Facilitate your salary management by opting for an efficient salary structure. In addition to promoting various forms of equity–such as pay equity–your salary structure will let you better manage your employees’ compensation!

Bonus plan

Nowadays, bonus plans are becoming more popular. Is this the appropriate tool for your organization? What type of plan should you consider? How can your plan allow you to meet your objectives and create the desired behaviours? Let us help you answer these important questions!

Compensation policy

A career is filled with milestones, challenges and significant events. Do you know how to manage these issues in terms of compensation? Adapt your compensation policy while promoting individual equity within your organization.

Market data on compensation and current trends

Would you like to receive reliable salary data without having to buy an exhaustive compensation survey? We can help you find exactly what you need, whether you require data for 1, 10 or 25 jobs… all in a way that fits your budget.

Compensation survey

It is not always easy to have access to reliable data when it comes to specific types of jobs. Using a custom or sectorial compensation survey, our team will help you obtain these valuable data so that you can have an overview of your situation enabling you to make the right decisions in regards to your salaries and work conditions.

Pay equity

The Pay Equity Act imposes specific obligations on Quebec employers. For some organizations, this may seem burdensome, risky and constraining! Remunia will accompany you in fulfilling all your requirements–and preventing your headaches! We will provide you with solutions to ensure that you are always ready and well prepared.

About us

After graduating from the University of Montreal with a degree in Industrial Relations and a master’s degree in Administration (intervention and organizational change) from the University of Sherbrooke, Jacques Gascon has specialized in the compensation field for nearly 20 years.

His strong experience within several enterprises enabled him to develop a deeper understanding of the key operational aspects and issues of the business community. His skills and knowledge allow him to recommend realistic solutions based on the actual trends and best practices in terms of compensation.

Member of the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines agréés and having a strong experience gained by working with several consulting firms, Jacques carried out numerous and diverse mandates with organizations of all sizes, in a wide variety of sectors and facing different realities.

Jacques is constantly working towards your most ambitious objectives by providing you with professional services tailored to your reality. Through his results-driven approach, he addresses your compensation issues in a global perspective while paying close attention to your resources (both financial and human).

Regardless of the size of your organization–and no matter where it is located in Quebec, in Ontario or in the Maritimes–Remunia guarantees a personalized and professional approach entirely focused on your resources.

Jacques Gascon

Your compensation best ally!

Remunia at your door!

Your needs are sporadic, or part-time, and you would like to count on a specialist who is available, dedicated and discrete? You have recently lost an employee in your compensation team and you need help quickly? Whether you require assistance for the administration and management of those files and programs or the replacement, over a short period of time, of a member of your team, Remunia will offer you a solution based on your needs in accordance with a bank of hours already agreed upon.

Our mission: to value your resources!

Regardless of the size of your organization, your compensation represents an important asset for your employees; all your decisions are likely to have a significant impact on your daily activities.  A fair and equitable compensation system based on your reality can even help you achieve your business goals more quickly!

Our main objective: to provide you with solutions that will make your organization more appealing in order to hire skilled candidates and to retain your qualified employees, in accordance with your business strategy, your values and your budget!

Our on-going commitment

Customized solutions

Always on the lookout for the latest market trends, we are offering real and workable solutions that are in accordance with your business strategy, your organizational values and your financial capacity.

Simplified approach and thoroughness

The compensation field is already a complicated subject… why make it any harder on yourself? Our versatile and flexible approach allows us to easily adapt to your needs with the high levels of professionalism and thoroughness for which we are known. Remunia stands for quality, consistency and objectivity!

Availability and accessibility

We will guide and support you throughout your entire project, no matter its size or its complexity. Once your project is completed… you will be able to continue to count on us!  After all, we are YOUR compensation best ally!